NINA'S PICKS: Summer TV is terrible

Summer is the worst time to be a cable-free TV fan. All you get is reruns or the most ridiculous reality shows or depressing Padres games. It's bleak. 1. The Baby Borrowers. Teens taking care of babies. It's perhaps more effective than birth control. 2. The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I am only watching this because Molly Ringwald is in it. This show about a pregnant teen isn't very good. But there's something so awkward and uneasy about it that you can't turn it off. P.S. 3. I Survived A Japanese Game Show. Only interesting when the American contestants have to survive the ingenious games the Japanese come up with. 4. Jon and Kate Plus 8. Watching this makes me feel like my life isn't as hectic is I sometimes think it is. And some of those kids are really cute. 5. Nina Garin writes about entertainment and fashion for the Union-Tribune and is counting down the days for the new season of Project Runway on July 16!! FILM: Hunter S. Nice review Keli. SIGNED! Summer is ...
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17.7.08 11:15

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